In continuance of the determination to sanitize the Tax administration in the state, the special taskforce on illegal road blocks in collaboration with the Benue State Police command has arrested three persons at a suspended revenue inspection point.
The culprits Abugh Terkula, Ajiva Moses and Tsume Aondofa were all caught extorting members of the public at the just suspended Katsina Ala head bridge revenue inspection point.
It could be recalled that following the frequent violent  incidents at the inspection point, the Benue Internal Revenue Service had announced the suspension of the Katsina Ala head bridge revenue inspection point .
Meanwhile the Executive Chairman BIRS has further reiterated his resolve to sanitize tax administration in the state while also promising a continuous clamp down on all illegal tax activity.

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  1. admin
    October 24, 2018

    Some need to protect very valuable information. All these factors should be taken into account.

  2. admin
    October 24, 2018

    I ran Windows XP for a year to try to prove it. Less knowledgeable users can get their PCs infected no matter how much protection you give them. Software can’t protect people from themselves.

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